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Toward Spinning Greener Advanced Silk Fibers by Feeding Silkworms with Nanomaterials

Silk is a luxurious natural fibre that has been highly prized for thousands of years due to its lustre, softness, and durability. However, the traditional methods of producing silk involve using harmful chemicals and processes that can be detrimental to the environment. As such, there is a growing interest in developing more sustainable and eco-friendly […]

Damage of Silkworms Caused by Pesticides and Preventive Measures

Silkworms have been used for centuries to produce silk, a luxurious fabric prized for its strength and delicate texture. However, the use of pesticides in silk production can lead to adverse effects on these delicate insects. “Pesticides are commonly used in silk production to protect against pests that may feed on the mulberry leaves that […]

Care and Raising Tips for Silkworms

Pupa inside a pierced white cocoon

If you’re searching for a unique and enjoyable venture, offer some attention to the economic yet elusive, oriental tradition of growing silkworms. For decades, the expertise necessary to develop such limited “livestock” has been passed down through generations. Today’s sericulture of silkworm cultivation ranks alongside the honeybee as among the most financially viable domestic insects […]

10 Interesting Silkworm Facts (That Will Blow You Away)

Silkworms eating mulberry leaves

Did you know that humans and silkworms have worked together for thousands of years?  Bred in ancient China for over 5,000 years, silkworms were prized for producing silk. Here are some interesting facts about these incredible insects. 1. Northern China Natives During ancient Chinese times they began to be cultivated for their silk. Around the […]

Why Silkworms Eat Mulberry Leaves (And Why You Should Too!)

Mulberry leaves on a tree

Looking for a natural way to supplement your health?  Mulberry leaves can help.  Silkworms have a diet that is completely made up of mulberry leaves. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, these leaves provide all the nutrients silkworms need.  There’s no need for silkworms to drink water because these fresh leaves contain enough […]

Future of Food: Why We Should All Be Eating Silkworms

Spicy silkworm salad

Looking for something different to add to the mix as you seek a healthier lifestyle?  While nothing can still beat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, in South Korea, some people eat silkworms.  Its protein is said to have many health benefits.  According to naturopath experts at Have Lock Healing, “although perhaps […]

Silkworm Thread vs Spider Thread: Strength, Thickness & Future Uses

Basket of white Silk cocoons

What do you think is the strongest natural material is? You might de surprised at where silk ranks. Silk is an incredible material. It is lighter than cotton, but for its weight, it can be 5x stronger than steel.  Thinner than a human hair, yet capable of holding weights that are hundreds of times its […]

Zebra, Tiger, and White Seductress Silkworms. What’s the difference?

The three different Silkworms and their stripes.

There are three main variations of the Bombyx Mori Silkworm breed; Zebra Silkworms, Tiger Silkworms, and White Seductress Silkworms. Although scientists are currently experimenting with Silkworms, in order to take advantage of their highly sought after Silk, the ordinary person can only get access to these three breeds. The White Seductress Silkworm is the most […]