Class Projects

Silkworms can be great for Class Projects at School. Here are some instructions on how to set up a school project involving Silkworms.

You need to make sure you have a food supply. This means plenty of fresh Mulberry Leaves which must be replaced daily. Alternatively, get your hands on some Silkworm Chow and feed them a small block of the chow daily.

Secondly, you need to house them. You should house them in a milk cartoon cut in half – if you are giving Silkworms to each individual, so they can care for them themselves – or if you are caring for them as a class, house them in a shoebox and follow these instructions.

Thirdly, you need to make sure you put the Silkworms on top of their food, to ensure they don’t suffocate. Sadly, Silkworms may be amazing but they sure aren’t the smartest pets you can raise (did you know once they turn into moths, even though they have wings, they can’t even fly? Crazy – but true)!

You can get the students to record every instar and how long each takes, including any other obsevations he/she makes.

When your Silkworms cocoon, relocate them all and place the cocoons into a big shoe box and leave them in the classroom.  One day, when you come to class you will find your Silk-Moths hatching from their cocoons, and your students will be over the moon! You will no doubt find this to be one of the most exciting moments you will experience as a teacher when you look at the proud faces on your small children, who have just raised these animals, all by themselves!