Student Projects

Silkworms are the perfect animal for any Projects, be it for Primary School Students, or University Students! The reason they are so perfect is because they are; low maintenance (requiring feeding only 1-2 times per day), have a short Life-Cycle, multiply 10,000 times their birth size by the time they are ready to cocoon, and they also have a number of stages in their growth (Eggs, Kegos, Larva, Cocooning, Cocoons, Moths, Mating, and the Laying Eggs)

Projects revolving around Silkworms can be as basic as recording the Life-Cycle of a Silkworm on our Miniature Life-Cycle Fill-in Sheet, or as complex as writing a detailed report on conditions impacting a Silkworm’s sex, fertility, and the effects domestication has had on the Silkworm over hundreds of years. It is also possible to explore the history of modern-day trade, which arguably begun through the ‘Silk Road’, which can be further explored on this page.

Before undertaking a Project revolved around Silkworms, ensure that you have an ample supply of Mulberry leaves, as this is the only food they will eat. As we know not everyone has the privilege of having access to a Mulberry Tree, we have sought out a Silkworm Chow Supplier, and we stock Silkworm Chow in our e-store.

If you would like more information on how to do this project email us.

Large Silkworm Poster - Copyright Version

Silkworm Poster available in our E-Shop, ideal for Student Projects.