Cocoon Collection Program

About the Program

Two pierced silk cocoonsWe need your waste cocoons!

We are currently looking to undertake a major project transforming the Australian Silk landscape and we need your help.

The purpose of the project relates to developing alternative uses for various parts of the silkworm’s life-cycle following a cruelty-free approach to provide the impetus for development of a viable, sustainable and competitive Australia silk industry.

If you would like more information or if you have spare cocoons and would like to be part of something special please contact us here or continue reading below to find information on how to prepare and post your waste cocoons.

What's in it for me?

Bowl of silkworm cocoonsUntil Everything Silkworms was founded in 2012, there was no centralised Silkworm-rearing community or forum for Australians.

Unfortunately, due to the unique geographical position and enormous size of Australia, rearing silkworms in this great country poses problematic due to a relatively low number of mulberry trees and limited breeds and varieties.

Having served Australian silkworm-rearers for over 10+ years and developing an intricate understanding of the problems posed by rearing silkworms in such a unique landscape, we have decided that enough is enough.

Not only do we want to build a viable silk industry in Australia, but we want to build an industry that is responsible and optimised for our unique landscape so that more everyday Australians can be exposed to the wonder or rearing silkworms and luscious silk.

In addition to this, we will also provide 20% discount vouchers for use on any product on our store upon receipt of the cocoons.

How do i prepare the cocoons?

Each colour of Silk cocoon in a handThe cocoons do not require any form of special preparation. While it would be appreciated if you could ensure there is no loose frass or mulberry leaves hanging from the silk, we will still happily take cocoons of any quality, quantity or size. We would even appreciate it if you were to remove the dry skin from inside the cocoon.

Cocoons can be mailed directly to:

Everything Silkworms

Toorak Business Centre

217/19 Milton Parade

Malvern, VIC 3144

If you would like to be reimbursed for reasonable postage costs, please send a copy of your receipt and remittance advice inside the parcel so they it can be credited upon receipt of the parcel.