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Are you in Australia and interested in raising Silkworms in your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Welcome to Everything Silkworms, Australia’s most trusted Silkworm Supplier. At Everything Silkworms, we feed our Silkworms only the best and freshest Mulberry Leaves – when available – ensuring our Silkworms are of the best quality you will find anywhere in Australia.

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Silkworms are great fun for all ages and provide a great learning experience, no matter who you are – which is the reason Australians of all ages have been raising these fascinating creatures for so many years in the comfort of their own home. Silkworms are also a great feeder for pets due to their low-fat content and high nutritional value.

Here at Everything Silkworms, we have all the answers to any questions you may have regarding Silkworms, including; tips on how to raise them, housing, and appropriate food.  We even explain how to prepare the cocoons to ensure you can create whatever you desire with the highly sought-after Silk your worms will produce. If there is anything you want to know about Silkworms, and you can’t find the answer on our website, please send us an email or comment on one of our blog posts and one of our experts will promptly answer your query.

Silkworm Eggs are available at all times, however it is recommended you begin raising them from September through April, as this time of year coincides with the natural cycle of the Mulberry Tree.

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The following products are all available for sale in our e-shop, at various times throughout the year:

  • Silkworm Eggs
  • Live Silkworms
  • Fresh Mulberry Leaves
  • Silkworm Chow
  • Silkworm Books
  • Silk Bookmarks
  • Teacher’s Packs
  • Resources

If you can’t find what you’re after at Everything Silkworms, it isn’t worth having! The Silkworm eggs we have for sale are of the best quality that you will find anywhere in Australia.

If you have any queries about us, or about raising Silkworms, feel free to contact us.

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