Large Teacher’s Pack (100 eggs)


This is our premium quality Teacher’s Pack. It has all the tools necessary to rear Silkworm’s in the classroom or at home – specifically targeted at being engaging for primary and secondary school students with the addition of a visual poster and book for your classroom, as well as a larger quantity of eggs and Silkworm Chow. The pack is available at a 25% discount – compared to buying all of the products individually on our store.

– x1 Large Life Cycle Poster

– Keeping Silkworms Teacher’s Notes (Digital)

– 400 Grams of Silkworm Chow

– x100 Silkworm Eggs

– x1 Life Cycle Fill-in Sheet

– x1 Silkworm Care Sheet

– x1 Silkworm Chow Instruction Sheet

Silkworms are a great topic for studies in the classroom or even at home. They can be studied at elementary or even tertiary levels of education with common topics including; life-cycles, fertility, domestication, The history of The Silk Road, Silk, and the list goes on!

We include a small amount of extra Silkworm eggs in every order to ensure that your ordered quantity of eggs will arrive fertile and ready to hatch, pending the correct rearing conditions being present.

As with all of our products, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, all orders come with unlimited email support to answer all questions and provide additional tips and advice to make your Silkworm rearing experience as fun and easy as possible.