Small Reptile Feeder Pack (150 eggs)

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $74.99.

This Small Reptile Pack includes a suitable Egg to Silkworm Chow ratio that will raise your Silkworms to a suitable size for feeding your reptile, and is suitable for a pet that may be eating a mixed diet consisting of a small number of Silkworms monthly. The pack is available at a close to 10% discount, compared to buying all of the products individually on our store.

– x150 Silkworm Eggs

– 200 Grams of Silkworm Chow

– x1 Silkworm Care Sheet

– x1 Silkworm Chow Instruction Sheet

We include a small amount of extra Silkworm eggs in every order to ensure that your ordered quantity of eggs will arrive fertile and ready to hatch, pending the correct rearing conditions being present.

If you are interested in becoming a repeat-customer and/or would like to order larger amounts of Silkworms as a commercial customer at a discounted price, please get in contact with us via our contact page.

As with all of our products, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, all orders come with unlimited email support to answer all questions and provide additional tips and advice to make your Silkworm rearing experience as easy as possible.