5 Sustainable Vegan Silks That Do No Harm

Vegan silk is becoming more popular because it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional silk. Unlike conventional silk, which is made from the cocoons of silkworms, vegan silk is made of sustainable plant-based or synthetic materials – perfect for our neighbourhood vegans. “As the world becomes more conscious of the environment and […]

The Benefits Of Feeding Silkworms To Your Reptile Pets

Silkworms provide a unique benefit to reptile and amphibian keepers: they offer a healthy diet for your insect-eating pets. Silkworms have long been used in the reptile business in the US and Europe. In Australia, however, silkworm trade limitations, a scarcity of commercial accessibility, and the lack of year-round availability of mulberry trees have kept […]

The Importance of Sericulture

White Seductress Silkworm spinning on a basket

Did you know that a yard of silk fabric costs around $100? Since ancient times, silk is a valued commodity. It is a versatile material with remarkable softness, strength, durability, elasticity, and absorbency. It is used in clothing, upholsteries, surgical sutures, beddings, parachutes, etc. Sericulture is the cultivation of silkworms for harvesting silk. This article […]

Care and Raising Tips for Silkworms

Pupa inside a pierced white cocoon

If you’re searching for a unique and enjoyable venture, offer some attention to the economic yet elusive, oriental tradition of growing silkworms. For decades, the expertise necessary to develop such limited “livestock” has been passed down through generations. Today’s sericulture of silkworm cultivation ranks alongside the honeybee as among the most financially viable domestic insects […]