5 Unbelievable Benefits of Silk Clothing

Purple silk

Silk is a beautiful product. It gives off a vibe of elegance and style, matched by few, if any, other types of clothing. If you ask us, there isn’t a competitor for silk at all.

But what makes silk such a special product, and why should we opt for silk clothing?

Well, as you’re about to find out, wearing silk can bring some pretty incredible benefits to the table.

1. Silk Clothing Can Turn You Into Benjamin Button

Ok, well not quite Benjamin Button…

However, there’s one special thing found in silk that can help with the anti-ageing process: silk amino acids.

They’re found in the fabric, and it’s not just in clothes. People purchase silk in the form of pillowcases, towels and bedding – things we use every day.

Because silk is a natural material filled with amino acids, it can trick our nervous system into relaxing, and smoothing the wrinkles we’re inevitably going to acquire with age.

2. Ease The Effects Of Eczema And Asthma

Silk isn’t just known for its natural protein structure, but also for its hypoallergenic properties. The fabric structure also prevents a build-up of dust. 

In fact, silk has shown to be more compatible with even the worst cases of skin allergy because of its 100% organic origin.

At Lovestone Cottages, a boutique Queensland resort, they even use silk in some of their higher-end rooms to provide that extra bit of luxury. “People pay premium prices for premium results, and that’s no different at our resort. We use silk because it’s the best sleeping material, and even if someone does have allergy issues, using silk bedding can give them some peace of mind.”

But wait, there’s more! Silk also prevents the build-up of soil, dirt, and other things that may trigger someone’s allergies, especially people with eczema. Thanks to these healing properties, silk is the perfect alternative to usual cotton active and nightwear.

3. Natural Anti-Fungal Element

Not only can silk make you feel nice and smooth while you sleep, but it can also stave off recurring infections in women.

A study by the University of Bologna in Italy took women who were experiencing vaginal thrush, and had one half of the group wear silk underwear while the other continued wearing cotton underwear.

Can you guess what happened next? Probably. The 6 month study showed that the women with silk underwear were cured of their infection, and the symptoms were significantly reduced.

4. Silk Can Improve Sleep

Falling asleep when wrapped in silk clothing or sheets might just be the easiest thing to do in the world. We’re hard-pressed to find anything that can help you sleep better than that.

So why is silk becoming such a popular fabric with bedding manufacturers? Well, that’s because it makes you feel good, and it puts you to sleep. Just the simple things.

For Sally Austin, an acupuncture expert based in Australia, she uses silk based wraps for her clients to not necessarily get them to fall asleep during treatments, but feel completely at ease. “Acupuncture is meant to be done in a relaxing and comforting environment, and using silk products within my practice helps the clients get into a completely relaxed state. It always works an absolute charm.”

Just to add to the superlatives for silk, it can help to regulate your body temperature. When you’re sleeping, you want your body to be at the perfect temperature, and silk is an easy way to help you achieve that.

5. It Helps Avoid Allergies

For someone riddled with different allergies, it can be a nightmare trying to find the right types of clothing and bed sheets that won’t have you sneezing ‘till kingdom come. 

Sleep should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not hours of tossing and turning while your nose is itchy.

If that sounds like you, well there’s an answer. An answer that’s been mentioned a few times in this article. 

Yes, that’s right. The answer is of course silk!

Health and lifestyle experts from Sydney’s leading detox centre believe heavily in the use of silk in everyday life. “Look, if I could live in silk, I absolutely would. Allergies are a serious problem for a lot of people but making life less complicated is what I like to do, and I recommend silk bedding and clothing to lots of people.”

The fibers of silk are smooth and long, meaning that they don’t irritate your skin or send you into a sneezing frenzy.